Prodding along the trail

Almost two years ago my Daddy joined his Father in rejoicing each and everyday. It wiped me clean off my feet. I knew it was , but I didn’t know what to do about it, or how to overcome it. I lived in a fog. I operated each day, but inside I was a mess. I told few how I felt, and hid my feelings as much as possible. The process of coming out of the fog has taken me a long time. Taking pictures was something I loved (and still do!) but it was hard. I know it is something my Daddy did and loved and I have the same love for it. Without my Dad here to see my pictures and tell me how much he loves them is hard. I let this little space on the web die a bit with him.
Slowly I’m coming back. Slowly I’m taking more and more pictures. Seeing life, seeing Gods most amazing earth through my lens. I marvel at the way God created this place and all of the minute details. It makes me smile deep in my soul. It draws me to Him, into a closeness with my creator.

Today I wanted to enjoy another beautiful sunny spring day here in Beautiful British Columbia so I asked Buddy to come along with me and the dog as we walked Hoy Creek trail!
While walking I saw things that made me smile, pause and experience God. I took out my iPhone and started taking pictures. It was refreshing, relaxing, enjoyable and made me feel like ME!

hoy creek coquitlam

hoy creek coquitlam

It takes time to heal. It is different for each of us.
hoy creek
Some point along the trail my son said “Hey why don’t you put these pictures on your blog?”
my boy

my boy

That’s a great question…
 hoy creek hatchery

hoy creek hatchery

One I’m working on….
hoy creek
One that for me is taking a bit more time…and prodding!
Buddy and Romeo

Buddy and Romeo

So today I took time to see you Father, to connect, to listen and hear you talk to me through my son. Thank you.
simple beauty

simple beauty

Heres to taking more pictures, seeing the beauty around us, and listening to our children.
Grace and Peace,

P.S. My ever so sweet and loving Father-in-Law gave me the most amazing lens and I LOVE it and need to use it more. He also shares my love of photography and is always encouraging me. For that I am so grateful. Double blessed, 2 dads, 2 who love taking pictures! My next walk will be with my favorite lens! Thanks G-pa.


7 thoughts on “Prodding along the trail

  1. I am so amazed at the Godly woman you have become, Vicki. Your words are so uplifting and so peaceful. Your Dad would be so happy and proud of his sweet and wonderful daughter.I know I am .You are the light in my life.God gave me you…a gift he knew I would love forever.Keep on taking pictures…they are so beautiful.Love forever,Mom

    • Mom, Thank you. Thank you for all of your love. For being so awesome and giving to me all of my life. You set the example on Godly living and I’m trying my best. I am so grateful for you!

  2. Beautifully said Vicki. You do have God given talent and should express your love for your Dad through this gift. It wasn’t until I lost Papa, that I began my writing career and it has helped me. I still miss him everyday. When I write, I feel him with me. Embrace this gift with happiness and share with the world. Love you and the whole family!

  3. I’m just reading this now. Beautiful photos! What a lovely tribute to your Dad. My deepest sympathy, sweet sister in Christ! Thank you for sharing your warm heart! Lots of love to you! A a big hug too!

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