I’m not quite sure how it happened, or who set it up, but here in Canada they have a new statutory holiday called Family Day!
British Columbia likes to be a little different and so they celebrate it on Monday, February 10th. (The other 3 provinces will celebrate it next Monday!)

While I was hoping this would be a day off for all of us…as it turns out, Buddy had the day off of school and I gave the day off to Gator, ballet took the day off so….we just needed Guitar Man! He worked but was able to cut off early and we did a new thing….5 Pin Bowling!

I called the local bowling ally, Port Coquitlam Bowl, and they were booked solid. The first available lane was at 5, and that worked great for us! When we walked in the door I thought I had stepped back in time. It was this old, little ally and the decor was bringing me back to being a kid again! They had “upgraded” to computerize scoring but that might have happened back in 1980! It is a simple black screen and with green readout. Too funny!

We got set up and were on lane 13 and I set about looking at the other players around me to see how I was to play this game! The ball is small and not heavy at all. You just hold it underhand style and toss it down the lane, hoping to knock down all 5 pins at once!!!!

Guitar Man started off great, but Buddy was fast to pick up the game and was at one point ahead of GM. Gator and I were just having fun and trying to get the hang of things.
The first game ended and I was feeling a bit better about my skills and looking forward to game two and beating GM!

Game two started awful for me, and Buddy but Guitar Man and Gator were neck-in-neck. BUT soon…I was on a roll (haha) and got 2 strikes in a row…XX DOUBLE!

What happen next was not what I expected though…..Guitar Man went crazy! He got SEVEN…Yes 7… strikes in a row! HE ROCKED IT!
We were cheering and the family next to us was cheering and high-fiving! It was so special and fun. What a great way to end our first time playing 5 pin bowling.

After we were done and returning our shoes we told the man at the desk and he was super impressed and gave us a bag with a 6 pack of Pepsi! Sweet treat!

5 pin bowling

5 pin bowling

5 pin bowling

5 pin bowling

5 pin bowling

5 pin bowling

Sorry no pictures of the boys as they were not up for posing for the paparazzi!!!
Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “5 PIN

  1. Great story of your wonderful day!! You are now a published Author and what beautiful pictures of the event. I especially like the one of “Miss Ki” no wonder the Paparazzi took the photos and you made the World Press! Love all of you! Nanna

  2. Looks like you all had fun!

    I think BC has it a week before so that, the families who decide to fly over to whistler or into BC, don’t over crowd the facilities…

    We played board games and ate popcorn! 🙂

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