Anyone for Minecraft?

What can I say…I thought it was good, I’ve been known to call it evil, I’ve hated it, I’ve seen him laugh a ton while playing it, oh I have so many, many thoughts….But today I’m just sharing a moment of pure creativity!
So what is Mindcraft? Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.
Buddy has been playing for quite some time and he has really enjoyed. He has a great friend who also plays and they love to hang out at our house and play together for HOURS!!!!!
One day Buddy had a great idea of making a video of his game. He arranged the laptop on the kitchen table along with a simple book to hold up my iPad and recorded his play. He added funny thoughts and comments and he was thrilled! What to do with all the video? Why yes, load it to YouTube!

If you have a Mindcraft junky at your house….take a look at this fun and funky video.

Just a little of what Buddy has been up to these long winter days!

Grace and Peace,


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