And then there were 2

It all started on a cold snow-covered day in Tennessee, baby boy was born. Not long after, 25 months to be exact, she was born, again on a chilly day, this time in Florida. We were overjoyed to have 2 blessings and to be a family of four. As each year has passed we have grown, some more than others :), and we have learned, but most of all we have been blessed by Him to be this wonderful family of four. When little Buddy turned 10 I cried, when Gator turn 10 I thought I was super old, but now….He is taller than me, smarter, and oh so much a teenager! & she is now joining him and in this season of teen-hood ( i made that word up. like it?)……13! I truly can not believe it. The old saying goes, “They grow up faster than you realize, cherish each moment.” WOW!!! I’m feeling that nowadays. My sweet babies are both teens and I’m shrinking…or so it seems, since they are taller (Buddy) and almost taller (Gator) than me!!!
To celebrate Gator’s special 13th Birthday we had a “13 Going on 30” movie party. So much fun! We started the party with a “photo booth”, moved on to making funky popcorn and gathering candy all to relax and watch the movie 13 Going On 30. We made sure to have Razzles since that is the candy in the movie. ( I won’t share all the details but that candy is hard to find and it took me a trip to the states and 5 stores to find it!!! ) We also enjoyed soda in mini cans, Reeses Bars, brownie with fudge topping, and Marble Slab ice cream. Yes, the girls were crazy after all that sugar but so much FUN!!!!

13 is a great age, fun attitudes (haha) crazy style, and late night talks and hugs. I’m super happy to be Mama to this sweet little teen one and blessed beyond measure.

Happy 13th Birthday Gator!

Grace and Peace,


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