Lego Vancouver

Vancouver has a new LEGO store!!!!
I saw a blurp about the grand opening online and decided to keep it to my self. Our Buddy is a HUGE Lego fan andI knew he would go crazy and beg me to take him ASAP! I talked it over with Guitar Man and he agreed that we would take Buddy and surprise him, when the time was right. Since Monday was Victoria Day and the rain was coming down by the bucket loads we thought it was time! Gm and I went out for morning coffee/tea and called the kids and informaned them we would be home in 15 min and they needed to be ready to go! Yes, they were not too happy but they know when we do things like this it is usually a good thing. 🙂 When we got home they were just about ready and off we were……

Checking out the store before it opens

Checking out the store before it opens

We arrived just before 11 am and the mall was not quite open. The boys were sure to scope out all the new Legos and we were the first ones in at 11:00. 🙂

Buddy with his loot

Buddy with his loot

Once inside it didn’t take him long to pick out a few new sets. As a HUGE surprise we decided to really let Buddy live it up and we bought him 4 new sets!!!! CRAZY!!!! HE was thrilled! When we told him I thought he was going to jump up and down he was so excited! I love doing this for our children. They are very special blessings and we take great joy in doing fun surprises like this!

LEGO Man wall

LEGO Man wall

The store is not real large but has a ton to offer. We loved it and I’m sure we’ll be back!!!!

Grace and Peace,


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