May Day 2012

May Day
May Day
It’s May Day here in these parts and Port Coquitlam knows just how to celebrate!

On Saturday, PoCo hosted a “family fun mile run” following the path of the May Day parade. Guitar Man and I thought it would be a great thing to do! The weather is perfect here this week and I was excited to participate with Romeo by my side. We headed down the the sign up tent around 9:30am and received our run numbers. GM, Buddy and myself were the only ones to run this year. They started the fun run with a 15 min aerobic stretch, and then the run began!

run run run

run run run

All was going well Buddy was ahead, GM and I were running together and then the first turn came….Too many people for Romeo and I so we began to walk. Guitar Man ran on ahead and Buddy was beginning to slow down! It was funny to think that I was participating in a run. I HATE TO RUN. Really I do. I was trying to be a supportive but was thinking why am I doing this???? Turn number 2 and Romeo was doing well, and we did not have many people near us, so I decided to run it….BIG mistake!



Down I went…I’m fine but my ego is a bit bruised! 🙂 I made it to the finish and Guitar Man ran it with me! I had a fun time and I’m thankful I could run it and support GM. 🙂

After the run we meet up with Gator and her friend.

Gator and Friend

They kept a spot for us so we could all enjoy the parade.

It was a beautiful day with temperatures right around 77*F.

We all enjoyed and had a fun morning celebrating May Day 2012!!!

Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “May Day 2012

  1. So much to do in B.C. Glad you are having nice weather and can enjoy all the activities there. Great pictures as well. You should do a photo book!

  2. Yay! A recent blog. I was missing your posts! Way to go on the Family run. I’m not big into running as well. I’m so proud you finished; even with the nasty tumble. Way to go Romeo (and Guitar man) as well. How colorful everything looks.

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