Spring and UBC Gardens

Spring has arrived!!!
I couldn’t be happier to see the sun, feel it’s warmth on my skin and enjoy spending time outside.

Groupon was offering a special one year membership to the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens and I knew we needed to snatch up that one. I had some “Groupon” money and the price was next to nothing and with my new camera I knew it would be a fun place for me! We made our way over this past weekend and WOW! Most of the garden was still “sleeping” so the flowers and trees that are blooming are really nice to see and offer such contrast to the sleepers. 🙂

I’m not going to post all of my pictures since I took ton….but here are a few highlights of the day.
(to see pictures larger click on the picture)

As you can see it was a wonderful day and I was able to find lots of great flowers.

When we were leaving we got to see

Wedding at the UBC Garden

….yes we once again a wedding was taking place!  This is our third wedding to see while visiting new places in Vancouver!

To cap the day off we drove around behind the Gardens and came to a beautiful park…..The view was breathtaking!

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

I can’t wait to continue to see new places here and take more pictures!
Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “Spring and UBC Gardens

  1. We really enjoyed those beautiful pictures of the flowers,wish we knew which were which, they are great. You have a great eye for the beauty God has made for us to enjoy, thanks,Mom and Dad

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