St. Patrick’s Day 2012

Living here in Canada you meet quite a few Irish and Scottish people and it seems that in this area everyone was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! I decided we would join in the fun as I am a bit Irish and it would be fun to celebrate family style. In the past I have spent sleepless nights dying things green like our milk, the kids b-fast and what-not and also dropping glitter in the toilet and calling it Leprechaun pee!!! Hehehe This year the kids are older and we bumped it up a little….

Menu of the Day:
Good Morning: Fruity Green Smoothie

fresh, crisp, yummy way to start the day GREEN!

Mid-Day Grub: Rainbow Fruit with Guacamole and Chips

GREEN guac and a Rainbow of fresh fruit!

Feast Time: Corned Beef with Sauté Cabbage and Mashed Taters

YUMMY Irish food!

The best Taters!

Evening Fun: Key Lime Pie…sorry no pic….Guess I was too busy enjoying or I was too stuffed from a day of yummy treats!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Grace and Peace,


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