If you know me at all you know my love for all things nature. I love to see how God has created something so simple and beautiful. When I get to watch it glow in the sun, rain or storm…..WOW! Here are a few pictures of His beauty.

Tall, 4-Ever-green, Covered in Snow

Not quite ready to show all of His beauty. Small, Petite and quietly waiting for His timing

Pebbles in the sea. All shapes and sizes. Just like us!

Heather, bright and brilliant with color.

What a little rain can do to bring out color and beauty.

Sitting on my kitchen window sill. Bright with the color of the morning sun.

We are a tangled mess and He washed us white as snow! WOW!

Just a few of the creations He has made for us to enjoy. When I look at all of His creations I am pleasantly reminded of all His has done and is doing for me. (and for you!) May you be blessed today.

Along your journey take a few minutes to look around and catch a glimpse of His beauty.
Grace and Peace,


3 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Great pictures and I know where and when you took them! Did any one of the ones with the kids turn out? Would love to post to my album.

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