Nana is here!

Guitar Man’s Mom is here and we are so excited! We took some time Saturday to head out and see a few of the different places around town.
First we went up to Cypress Mountain.

Look out half way up the mountain

It was a fog filled morning and it was hard to see across the water and into town.


The kids enjoyed walking along the ledge and making me nervous.



As we continued up the mountain the view became more and more covered in snow. We stopped at the top and jumped out to have a quick look at the snow and mountain runs. When we started the drive back down the mountain the snow really picked up and it was yet another glimpse of His beauty.



After enjoying the “snow fun” of Cypress we headed over to West Vancouver and the shore line.

The famous Lion's Gate Bridge

After walking alone the waters edge and enjoying a look in the shops we grabbed a quick lunch….Can you guess what we had???? Yup, we had Five Guys Burger and Fries! It was the first time our family had a Five Guys burger since living in Georgia. 🙂 We just happen to see it while driving through West Van.
Next, we made a quick drive through Stanley Park.

Way cool tree in the park

We quickly moved across Vancouver and over to Granville Island. This is a very fun and funky outdoor type area. You can find everything from the Emily Carr Art and Design University to buying local plants to shopping for musical instruments you have never seen before! Durning our visit we even had a chance to see this….

balance, fire and juggling

puttin' out the flames!

A super fun day for all, and a small tour of just a few things you can see and do here in Vancouver!

Grace and Peace,


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