Happy birthday Matthew

March 6th is a very special day here at the Wingo house…It’s Guitar Man’s birthday!!!

This was GM’s first birthday here in Canada and we had the opportunity to celebrate in style at the Canucks vs. Dallas hockey game! FUN. FUN. FUN.

here they come!

Here in Canada they love hockey just as much as we love collage football in the south. The fans were so excited and really got into the game. I really felt like I was a Canadian for the night as I was cheering on the team!

warming up

They had great sound and light effects when the game was starting and it sure was fun to be right behind the team watching it all happen. Our seats were wonderful and we are so thankful GM was able to get them. For FREE that is!!!! Perk of the job! (And all of his hard work)

singing the anthem

They started the night with….The Star Spangled Banner! It was so nice to sing along and feel the pride of being an American. I am one proud girl! Next was the Canadian anthem and everyone was signing along….except me…I don’t know most of it. Sorry. 🙂

Stars and Canucks

I thought I might freeze at the game but I was pleasantly surprised when I was plenty warm in my coat and scarf.

Sunflower and Fin

I stepped out to get a drink and along came Fin the Orca. He is the mascot for the Canucks and can puff smoke out his blow hole!

Fin blowing his smoke!

The night was great! I was so happy to have the opportunity to attend a hockey game and it was so special to do it on Guitar Mans birthday!

Grace and Peace,


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