The Sun is SHINING!

Today the SUN is SHINING and what a beautiful day it is. To sit back and think that last Saturday, moving day, we woke to rain/snow/sleet/ice and just a plain mess! What a difference one week can make. 🙂

Being that our family is adventurous, we set out today to see what was up the main road from our house…..

First we saw planes and helicopters flying high in the air at the model air park.

a young boy and his plane


snow cap in the background of another plane in flight


Second we found an RC car track.

RC car track!

Green Muddy VW Bug racing


After we watched the show in the air and the show on the track we headed into the woods for a little nature hike.

Coquitlam River

strike a pose!!!

handsome boy

sun shinning on a little creek

the stance

A Fathers Love

I have a love for the trees

sun, sun, sun

After a few minutes of being out in Gods beautiful country I feel so relaxed and refreshed. I am so blessed and today was just a fun and simple reminder of all He has done for me.

Happy Saturday friends and family.
Grace and Peace,


4 thoughts on “The Sun is SHINING!

  1. Great pictures! I particularly liked the one of Cameron, Matthew and Kiera walking down the trial in the woods. Did you notice Matthew and Kiera holding hands? That was so sweet. Pricless!

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