Happy New Year


2012 Has started off in a big way at our home.

Lots of fun and exciting things happening around here.

Some activities we have enjoyed over Christmas and New Years have been:

snuggling up with a blanket and good book!

Having family dinner time and pulling one of these questions

Family Dinner

Gator and I have been busy creating a few items….one of my favorites is

Yarn and felt flower wreath

Guitar Man got a new toy for his rig and he has been heard many times jamming out!

Buddy is enjoying new Lego’s and also having fun creating with Anime Studio on the new family computer.

All in all we are off to a great start and look forward to all God has for us this new year!

We pray you are all well and enjoying the start to your new year.

Grace and Peace,


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4 thoughts on “2012

  1. I like the family topics jar, however it would not work in our house. I never get a word in anyways.Just kidding , your Mom always listens to me , she just does not agree.

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