happy 14th birthday

Fourteen years ago Guitar Man and I were living in Nashville, TN and we welcomed our first little blessing into our family. What a great day it was. Cold, snowing and oh so special!
Today we celebrate his 14th birthday in Canada where the weather is once again cold and just might snow!


In our family we have continued the tradition Guitar Mans family started many years ago…”Pick-2-Choose”! You might ask “What does that mean?” On your special day, or sometimes on other special holidays, you get to pick what and where we eat! This year Cameron said he wanted a BIG breakfast at home. He even went so far as to employ Gator to make a menu!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bacon, eggs, pancakes, bagels with cream cheese, homemade breakfast potatoes, and watermelon!

LOTS of food!

Since today is a Monday and Daddy has work, all of this needed to take place at an early hour. (insert: Mom does not like to wake up early, nor does she enjoy cooking at a time she should be sleeping!) What we Moms do for the ones we love!!!! We all enjoyed this yummy meal and then it was time for gifts.

Rockin' to Grandmas and Papas card!

Grandma and Papa always provide lots of fun for our celebrations….Nothing better than a “Celebrate Good Times” music card!

YEA for American iTunes cards!

Just what he wanted….Now I’m sure I will never see my iPad. ๐Ÿ™‚


What a great way to start our day…celebrating one of our great blessings!
We love you Buddy and are so happy God chose us to be your parents. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “happy 14th birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to my handsome Cameron! I cannot believe you are 14….even Nanna is never on time with birthday, etc. Your gifts will be coming soon. I’m proud you are my grandson as you have made me smile…and your Dad was the one that started the pick to choose!!!! You picked a good choice. I love you so much and will call you this evening when I get back from tutoring!!!!! LOVE YOU, Nanna, David, Pahpay and Keysa….

  2. Just got your B-day pictures. They are great and Papa loves your choice for breakfast, too.I also like pancakes on Saturday AM.
    Glad you liked your card, you can really rock out.
    Have a wonderful day and give sister and Mom a hug, give Dad the bill for breakfast, OK.

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