Romeo turns ONE!

Romeo is Gator’s sweet puppy and he turned ONE on the 19th of this month. This happen to be the day we were arriving home from Victoria. I had hired our great neighbor to watch the dogs while we were away and I mentioned to her that Romeo would be celebrating his birthday the day we returned home. No big deal right??????

Happy 1st Birthday Romeo

She went all out, gifts for Romeo and Toska, party hats for each of us, and noise makers!!! What a super surprise to come home to!

Romeo with his new toy and a party hat!

Party time...GF cookies for the boys!

Gator and Toska (with her mini party hat!)


The 3 Wingo's or Unicorns????

If you live in Belcarra, BC you must call Tarja to watch your babies! She is the best 🙂


One thought on “Romeo turns ONE!

  1. Ok, how cute the picture are. I just had to laugh at my sons wearing the birthday hat! Too cute. Of course Cameron and Kiera are always cute. It was just fun to see my boys being a boy again, (This time with very little hair) Just like their first birthday!.

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