Another Ferry

Friday afternoon we boarded the Spirit of Victoria Ferry and made our way over to the big Island! We were all so excited and were even more thrilled we had family to join us, Guitar Mans Dad and bro are here from Florida visiting. We followed the locals advice and reserved our spot on the ferry online before leaving the house. This was such a great thing to do. It puts you in the front of the boat and assures you a spot.
Once on the ship we walked up to the deck to look out and watch our departure from Tsawwassen Bay.

The 3 Wingo's



Oh, did I say….IT WAS COLD!!!!! Real cold! The temp was right around 3-4*C and when the boat started moving, it was even cooler!!!!!!
It was a wonderful ride over and we all enjoyed. They had a very nice gift shop, and 3 different areas you could order food of all different sorts. Our ride was only 1.5 hours and it was over before we even knew it!

I’ll be posting soon all about our time in Victoria… to church with my favorite little girl! Then birthday cake shopping for Romeo….it’s going to be a great day!
Grace and Peace,


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