Ice with a friend

I took Gator and her sweet friend to Ice Skate this weekend. This place has 8 rinks!!!! It is very nice and has a super cool layout. They offer $2.00 skate on special days and this Sunday happen to be sponsored by Warner Brothers Happy Feet 2. WB had the public rink all decked out with posters galore. πŸ™‚ A few of the WB reps were handing out posters and bags, and they had a table set up for face paint. Just know, this was no ordinary face paint station…these girls were talented!


Ice Princess and a Polar bear

I know how to skate and really do enjoy it, but was unable to due to my neck. (I hurt it and have felt bad for a week!) So I bundled up and watched the girls. They had a ton of fun and really enjoyed the trainer boards. I’ve never seen these things before and sure wished I had one when I was a kid learning to skate!
Here are the girls havin’ some fun!

Gator going for a ride!

racing down the middle

collecting all the leftovers

The girls sure did have fun and I really enjoyed watching them…even if I did freeze!!!! We did get to warm up a bit though as we stopped on the way home for hot chocolate. Yum πŸ™‚

Grace and Peace,


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