Pumpkin time

I was kinda sad and bummed out that we were not going to visit our favorite pumpkin patch Bradley’s this year. I asked at church if anyone recommended a patch in the area and was told about Laity. I wasn’t real sure if it would be everything I’m use to but thought I would give it a try! I’m so glad I did!!! It was awesome šŸ™‚

Sunflower and Gator

Gator and I headed to Maple Ridge and found the farm with no problems at all. We were surprised to see all of the cars and were hoping it was going to be nice.
You have to a pay an entrance fee of $4.00/person, but are treated to a tractor ride, a fun corn maze, a great petting zoo, and a silly village with everything from Disney movies to funny pumpkin people, real teepees, and acres of pumpkins! WOW…a lot for $4.00!!!

entering the corn maze

wrong way!!!!!!

a little hungry šŸ™‚

BIG teepee

The Village….

Gator with her dwarf

They had acres of pumpkins growing on vines. Most were cuts but many were still attached. It was super slippery but so much fun to walk through the patch.

LOTS of pumpkins!

Gator found her fav!

They also had a station set up for gold panning. All my GA friends don’t be fooled…it’s nothing like back in Dahlonega.

Gator panning for gold...again!

Gator and had fun and were so happy we ventured out today!

We will post pictures soon of our “carving of the pumpkins”!!!!

Grace and Peace,


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