Belcarra Arts weekend

The Village of Belcarra hosted an Arts Weekend to showcase all of the great artiest that live in the Village.

Our own Gator was one of the participants this year.

Gators vase and bowl

Gator has worked very hard the past few weeks in her clay hand-building class and has created some very nice pieces. She decide to enter her vase with beautiful red roses and her bowl with a lovely lilac flower.

at the Village Hall with her art

Everyone loved her art and were very excited she entered her pieces in this years show. Guitar Man and I could not have been prouder!

Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “Belcarra Arts weekend

  1. Just found the Belcarra art show blog in my spam! What a beautiful vase and bowl. Not only can my granddaughter dance, she is a fabulous artist! I am so blessed to have this sweet Kiera as my granddaughter! Thanks and I love you lots! Nanna

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