My morning

Today is art day!

The kids are in art classes at one of the coolest places, Place das Arts!

Silly Kids!!!!

They are taking a class called “Clay: Hand-building” and just love it! Each week they learn a new fun fact about clay and then they shape, build, mold, etc. the clay. So far they’ve made a bowl, a mug and some other interesting items! This week they were able to learned all about the glazing process.

While they are in class I read, talk to friends back in GA or…..explore! Today I had hot cocoa and a muffin and then went to Home Sense. What a fun place to explore!

This is what I came home with….trust me I could have spent a small fortune but limited myself to $10.00!

Way cool fork and spoon for the dinning area wall!!!! LOVE.

This house is so different and these two fit right in! (they might look small in the picture but really do look nice in real life!) Come visit us and you can see them!!!! Oh and us!!!!!

One last picture….totally silly…..Here in Canada they have the smallest parking lots and most people drive sardine cans. They have no problem parking and life is good……then there are people like me who drive a BOAT and just about loose our minds in the parking lot!!!! Today I saw this….

Small Car?

This person is obviously from the US also and is over the “small car” parking spots and just parked!!!!!
Love it!

Grace and Peace,


3 thoughts on “My morning

  1. The kids seem to be having fun! Love your purchase and I also like how you have mixed your dining chairs and love that chandelier! I cannot wait until we get to visit. Really miss you. Send more pictures!

    Mom Maxwell

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