Bloedel Gardens @ Queen Elizabeth Park

Today was an overcast, wet and cold fall/winter Vancouver day. The temp was 15*C (59*F) when we left the house. We decided to use the guest pass we had been given to visit Bloedel Gardens

The gardens are in that way cool Epcot looking dome! This is from the website:
Tropical garden under the dome in Queen Elizabeth Park
The Conservatory is open daily, rain or shine. The triodetic dome is filled exotic plants, tropical flowers, colorful Koi fish and over 100 free-flying birds of various species. Tropical plants include palms,bromeliads and the many other exotic plants from around the world.
When we entered we picked up the fun scavenger hunt papers and set out to see all the fun plants and birds. One of the first things we saw was….

Spanish Moss!!!

Right now they have all kinds of wonderful Orchids. I was so excited to see these amazing flowers. They seem so fake to me!!! I love them (well second to Sunflowers!). I took way to many pictures of them and I will not post them all but know they are so neat and come in so many different colors. Just a few….

Gator with the orchids

For all our ballerina friends!

Ballet Slipper Orchid

We saw so many cute little finches, some were even making a nest in one of the palm bushes. They were fun to watch. After we looked at all the birds and found everything on the scavenger hunt we headed outside to see the outdoor gardens.

Gator found a flower!

Buddy found a ledge to climb!

My favorite flower outside…

The most GINORMOUS rhubarb leafs.

Another beautiful flower….

Oh and just for funnies we saw our second wedding here in BC. The have a rental building right next to the entrance of the gardens and they had a wedding going on! (I had to take a pic just for laughs!!!)

Wedding at the Gardens

It was a fun day at the gardens!
Grace and Peace,


2 thoughts on “Bloedel Gardens @ Queen Elizabeth Park

  1. I so enjoyed these photos… Queen Elizabeth Park is where I learned to skate, 1961, on the frozen ponds and until 1964 it was my playground for hide and seek after school each day!
    Gosh, I feel young again!
    Beautiful photos! Lovely kids!

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