Movie Time!

Over the last week….
It all started when I was on my way home last week. In order to get to the Village of Belcarra, in which we live, you have to take this one road up the mountain. As I got to one of the last turns I saw a large arrow sign that said CREW. I wondered what it meant? I drove to the next turn towards the Village and saw another pointing into the park??? I continued home and made sure to look into the park as I went by but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

A few days later I was out with Kiera and we passed a LARGE semi with mobile dressing rooms heading up the mountain. Interesting I thought and remembered back to my CREW sign.

A day later Guitar Man and I were out and they had put up another sign…..Now I needed to know what was going on at the park. I mean this is “our” park the one we can walk to from the house and sit and watch the beautiful mountains and water and lush greens. Matthew was interested too and turned in. As we drove the road was reduced to one lane and they had all kinds of “stuff/trucks” blocking the way. We stopped and asked what was going on. They said they were filming a new teen sitcom, Once Upon a Time, to air on ABC/Disney. Cool…kinda, as they were up in the woods and we couldn’t really see what was going on. But none the less we were excited that right here in our little Village they are filming a major network show.

That brings me to the other night, I received a message from my friend Alana over at 365 Days of Fun with The Greene Team she was looking for another fun idea for her Team and found info on filming here in Vancouver. She sent me a note listing the latest Superman movie info. I told her that we noticed some filming and were told they call Vancouver Hollywood North!

The best for last…..I was going to Bible study Tuesday morning for the first time here in BC and I saw 3 movie set signs pointing into the other park here in Belcarra! WHAT???? I came home, picked up Gator and we set out to find what was going on!!! We entered the park and noticed LOTS of trucks, cars, tents, and official looking people, you know the ones with walkie talkies and a caution vest! hehe We parked the Jeep and grabbed the camera and set off towards the beach area. No one seemed to mind we were walking into the set area they just said Hi! that is until the park liaison came to see what we were doing! I flat out told her we came to be nosy! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am one nosy girl!!! haha She told a bit about the filming and even offered to…..

Gator and I on the movie set!!!!

It was so fun to see the set and get a photo!!!!!

I’ve spent many hours in prayer asking God to help take away the homesickness and this kind of fun stuff helps so much.

Come visit and we will find a movie set to go see 🙂

Grace and Peace,


4 thoughts on “Movie Time!

  1. That’s awesome!! Now “your” park is a famous movie set 🙂 Wonder who you’ll bump into up there… it looks beautiful!

  2. So sweet and and I thought the picture you posted was the stars of the movie. You both look great and I guess you are in Hollywood BC.

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