**- *-** Morse code **– -**-

I saw a sign posted that the local Train Museum had a Lego display. I knew Buddy would love it! I wasn’t to sure as to what all the museum had but thought we would give it a try.
We were all pleasantly surprised by the displays. They had a room set to look like a kitchen back in the day, another one with trivia of animals skins and writing devices, one with all kinds of technology, and finally one with lots of train history. In the center of the train history was a Lego city! It was complete with buildings, trains, a ship yard, and some of our favorite Cars friends! Buddy loved it!!! Gator and I also enjoyed pointing out all of the fun characters and things we knew from the movies! I think we could have stayed and looked at the city for quite some time.
While the kids were checking things out I headed over to the wall to check out all the flyers and pamphlets detailing local fun things to do. I’m always looking for our next adventure!!! One of the papers detailed how the local park next door was filled with hidden Morse Code. I showed it the the kids and our next adventure was about to begin…..
But first we had to take a few pictures!
They had one of the old train cars for you to tour complete with a local conductor….

Conductor Buddy

sleeping/riding area


They also had a few hand carts…..

Workin' Hard!!!

Silly Kids!!!!

Next we went on the look for our Morse Code. After reading the clues a million times and walking all over…I mean all over, we finally found code/clue one!

Might be hard to see but Morse Code is on this Buoy

We found the second clue and had a good laugh when we could not figure out the last word. We were tired, thirsty and it all turned silly!!!!

please take us home!!!!

It was a fun afternoon learning about history here in Port Moody, and searching for hidden code!

Grace and Peace,


One thought on “**- *-** Morse code **– -**-

  1. Great History. They kids look as if they are really enjoying living in BC. Let’s talk this week on the phone. I will call you later today.

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