Buntzen Lake

Tall trees, lush greenery, ferns, the smell of nature…..Buntzen Lake!

Guitar Man had the day off today and we set out to discover more of this great country. The village next to ours is home to Buntzen Lake. It is a very, very popular place to go swim, picnic, hike and hang out with friends. The secret is though to arrive EARLY! They have ample parking but it fills quite fast and you are then stuck to walking the long road in with all of your belongings….no fun! We arrived right around 9:30am and had no trouble parking and finding a picnic table down on the lake front.

Buntzen Lake

We dropped off our cooler and towels and hit the trails! Our intention was to hike to the other end of the lake and see the suspension bridge. About 4k later we found it!
Along the way…..

Kids in a tree!

Cool trees!

little bridge on the trail

Finally at the top…..Looking back towards the picnic beach area!

Top off the lake

Suspension Bridge!

After crossing the bridge we made the trek back to the beach/picnic area to eat lunch. It was only another 4k back!!! Yes we were tired, hungry, and our feet began to hurt! But the view and scenery was once again beautiful. The things God creates for our pleasure, Priceless.

views along the trail

Tired Buddy!!!

Once again we must cross back over the lake…this time on a floating bridge!

We made it back to the picnic table in just over 3 hours! We kept a stady pace and worked hard walking the trails for 8k!!!! It was sooooomuch fun. The beauty, the views, the time with family, I’m one blessed girl!
After lunch it was time to brave the cold waters and cool off a bit. 🙂

cooling off!

What a fun day!

Tonight…Jacuzzi, us old ones need to soothe the tired and worn out muscles!!! 🙂 hehe

Grace and Peace,


One thought on “Buntzen Lake

  1. Just is so beautiful there. My knee needs to get better before coming to Vancouver!!! Looks like a lot of walking! Hope you are feeling better and not so homesick! Love you….

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