Stand Up Paddleboard

SUP’n at Rocky Point Park!

Today we went over to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. It is about 10-15 min from our house. I must say it is my favorite park as of right now. You can launch your boat, walk along the shore, walk the trail, play at the park, swim in the pool, splash in the splash park or lounge in the big open areas. SOOOOOooooo much to do! Today our family rented Stand Up Paddleboards!



Guitar Man


This is a new sport for our family. I’m not sure I’ve even seen or known anyone who has done this, but up here it is the “thing” to do….and now I know why! It’s fun!!! 🙂

Come to BC and we will take you out and teach you how to SUP!!!
Grace and Peace,
P.S. Don’t be surprised if I write soon to say we all have paddleboards! hehehe


2 thoughts on “Stand Up Paddleboard

  1. It is called paddle boarding here and has become quite popular on the lakes and beach. It is difficult to do however. My friend JoEllen, paddle boarded in the Gulf this summer. Glad you are having fun. I noticed Guitar Man still wearing an ankle brace! Poor thing got my bad joints! I’m still hobbling along with my knee! Enjoy your week end.

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