Welcome Home

Yesterday was moving day. Today was shopping day.
I’m tired!!!!

Pictures of the house…..

The top balcony is off the master. It looks out to the Indian Arm water way.

side porch


The extra bonus (as if living with a view of the Indian Arm was not enough…) the Jacuzzi!!!

Jacuzzi with way cool color changing lights!!!

I’ll post more as we get settled and get things in order. 🙂

Grace and Peace,

(All photos were taken a few weeks back hence the owners moving boxes and what not!)


5 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. Wow, I feel better knowing you have a great place to live. We cannot wait to visit! I have been pricing air line tickets. The week during Christmas is too expensive. January we can fly into Seatle for a lot less. I will keep looking. Am looking forward to more photos. That hot tub looks so inviting!

  2. Wow Vicki Looks like you guys have found a terrific place. I have been keeping up with your adventures and love seeing all the photos. The kids appear to love that hot tub!! You guys are always in my prayers! Hugs and love to you, matthew, cameron and Kiera.~

    • Leslie,
      WOW I was so happily surprised to see your comment! Our family is really enjoying this new adventure. God has been so great and provided way beyond our expectations. We are truly blessed 🙂 Thank you for the prayers. Hope all is well with your family. Grace and peace.

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