New favorite foods?

Tonight we set out an yet another new adventure for us here in BC…we purchased a Groupon for a locally owned Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant called Ziada. The menu looked great and they were offering “gluten free” bread! That is a big plus for us!!! I called made a reservation and we were ready to go. When we arrived we were the only ones, I was wondering if it was just early or if the place was a bomb? We sat down and began to read the menu….the descriptions sounded amazing! The waiter took our drink order and came back to answer questions. We had some, but really just wanted to know what the best items were???? He asked us if we like spicy foods and if so he would take care of us! We agreed and never looked back. It took some time for the food to come but we enjoyed great conversation and laughing with the kids. Oh and the restaurant started to fill in, as it only has around 8 tables…it would be what our family calls “A hole in the wall” kind of place! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dinner is served…..WOW!

5 veggies and 3 meats

You get one very large plate with veggies first and then they come and add in your meats one at a time. Everyone eats from the center dish on the table. FUN!!!

Next the utensils….

Yup you guessed eat with your hands and this most delish GF bread!

We had beef, chicken, and veggies. If I could offer smell-a-blogging you would just love it! The seasonings you could smell coming from the plate were amazing. It was rich in freshness and spices that made you dig in for MORE. ๐Ÿ™‚ We ate till we were ready to POP!

Here is how you do it…

eating with our hands!

All Gone!!! Yum Yum Good!!!

When you come visit us if you are ready for a fun, tasty adventure we will take you to Ziada our new favorite restaurant!!!

Grace and Peace,


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