Sunday afternoon

Our adventure today took us to Kits Beach. We went looking for a group of Ukulele players to see if maybe we could add another instrument to the list we can play in our family! Guitar Man has been doing all the driving and driving here is not always the easiest thing one can do….it’s busy, the stop lights change often, the streets are narrow and watch out for PEDESTRIANS! They are at every cross walk and on every corner. Makes you a bit nervous. 🙂 So I volunteered to drive! (Just in case you were wondering….I did great!) When we arrived to the area of Kits we were greeted with LOTS of traffic and NO parking. We drove along looking in each parking area till we found MOV. They had tons of parking and it was a few steps from the beach front.

Crab Water feature at entrance to MOV

As we walked along to the water front we were greeted with beautiful sights. The temp was around 75 and it was a sunshine filled day. It truly was awesome!!! The park has so much to offer. Things to do at Kits Beach Park: walk/bike the trails, lounge in the many open space areas (some even have shade trees), swim at the beach area, and bring your dog for a swim at the off leash beach park for dogs!

Kits beach...what a view!

We walked along and found the Uke players. It was fun to listen in! On our way back to the car we passed the Vancouver Maritime Museum it was fun to see a couple getting married!

"I Do!" on the patio of the Mesuem

A few extra pix…

Gator lounging on the art work!

Sweet little bridge at Kits Park


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