week one

Our first week of living in Vancouver has flown by. Buddy, Gator and I have walked all over New Westminster. This is the area we are staying in for a few weeks until our rental home is available. (more on that soon!) One of the great things about BC is if you live in one of the little towns you can walk to a lot!

Gator and Toska at the river walk

The Fraser River is only 2 blocks from our temp housing. The dogs loved walking the river walk and seeing all the ducks!!!

view of a tug in the river

They also have the worlds tallest Tin Soldier.

Buddy and Gator with the Tin Soldier

We are enjoying exploring each day!

Grace and Peace,


4 thoughts on “week one

  1. Oh, what a fun place! I’m so glad you are getting out and about. :0)
    Missing you guys! We went to a Still Pointe open house today and I thought of Gator..:0(

    Have a FAB weekend!

    the Schultz fam..

  2. Look as if you are having a blast. So happy for you. Did you get the home you wanted? Keep us posted. Love you guys, Mom

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