West & ferry

The weekend has proven to be a great time to sight see and learn the roads! We have traveled to many parts of Vancouver looking at homes and just sight seeing. Today was another day of first. We drove up to West Vancouver and it was AWESOME! When we got down to the water and found all the shops Guitar Man and I said “This is why we moved here. This place is amazing!” We all loved it. 🙂 I’m sure the great arts and craft festival that was going on had “nothing” to do with how much we I loved it!

sitting at the waters edge in West Vancouver (Lion's Gate bridge in background)

The views and boats were so neat to watch. We picked up snacks…yes they sell Gluten FREE, Dairy FREE snacks at the great local Crema shop on the corner. So nice!

Our next adventure was the Ferry to Bowen Island!

Guitar Man, Buddy and Gator on the Ferry!

It was so neat the way they line up and load the cars. We all loved watching all the cars load. Once our Ferry arrived and we loaded, we headed right to the front of the boat to watch as we rode across to Bowen Island. WOW! The views were FANTASTIC! I was kinda sad as I left my camera back at the house and had to use my lame camera on my iPad. The wind was whipping and I was so excited to see the sights I didn’t take many photos.

leaving Horseshoe Bay heading to Bowen Island

Almost to Bowen Island

Once on the Island we drove around sight seeing and we viewed a home. The house was nice but we are not sure about the commute for Guitar Man. We did visit the local beach though, it was very interesting in that it does not have sand…it has ROCKS! LOTS of rocks. Below is a picture of Gator looking out at the water.

Gator at Tunstall Bay beach on Bowen Island

The day was fun and we all love it here. Now to just find a home???? Praying that God leads us to the right place.

Grace and Peace,


3 thoughts on “West & ferry

  1. Oh, I’m so excited that you are getting to explore a bit and discover more about your home away from home. The pictures are lovely! What a beautiful place! Looking forward to hearing what God provides for you there. :0)

  2. WOW!!!!!! amazing, just know you’ll be having a great adventure. Love seeing the pix’s
    Can’t wait to visit.

  3. I just know you find the right place this week….keep looking and it will happen…..love the new pictures…..keep them coming…love you Mom

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